Waterworks Zone

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Waterworks Zone is a massive dam. Gimacian used it to cut off the animals' water supply. It has tanks of water that are being stored. This zone has 2 acts, both of which are Surge only, and a boss. This level takes inspiration from the Itaipu Dam, a hydroelectric dam located on the border between Brazil and Paraguay.

Inside the dam - concept by svgmovement

Outdoors - concept by svgmovement



An electric salamander with a ruler. Inspiration: Salamander

Concept by svgmovement


A long winged harrier that swoops down on Surge. Inspiration: Circus buffoni

Concept by svgmovement
Mode of attack: swoop down


A peaceful and an angry marmot. The peaceful marmot (green) just walks around. The angry one attacks with a chain.

Concept by svgmovement
Angry marmot throwing the chain


Creative Gimmicks for Waterworks:

Concept art
The brown platforms are in fact the ones that rise and fall,
and the blue-green gear on the side is meant to move the 
platforms (or the water). -- svgmovement

Interactive platforms
The green one is supposed to be propeller-powered. The blue 
cylinder would be the rolling platform. My idea was that Surge
would run on top of the cylinder (circle from 2D), and rotate
it to move forward. -- svgmovement

Rock face, pipes, platforms
The backdrop here is a rock face.
In front of the rock face is supposed to be the transport pipe.
At the very front are platforms suspended by cables. -- svgmovement







In February 2018, the first prototype of Waterworks was created. He represented the small level without enemies. Later, the level was completely redesigned and expanded.

The prototype of level, Level map (click to view in full)