Sunshine Paradise

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This first level is very easy to get through. It has a sunny background, water on the background and some mountains. Green trees, lots of grass, a good looking water flow and a few mountains will do the trick.

Before building up such a level, it's important to think about who the user is. Our average user is not used to play Open Surge; their playing skills may be weak. Therefore, making a complex level with too many visual elements or obstacles is counter-productive, as it will frustrate the player. Let the user run. Leave plenty of open, free spaces.

Think about the user. Keep it simple.

Concept by svgmovement

Act 1

This act must be very easy to get through. The idea is that the player should get familiar with the controls: learn how to walk, run, jump, etc. Important guidelines:

  • give the player lots of space to run (giving him/her the speed shoes would be nice)
  • plenty of green areas
  • avoid too many obstacles and/or puzzles
  • please avoid restricted/clumsy areas: give the player a large, open space.
  • NO WATER (it's okay to have waterfalls, but the player must not get too much into water)
    • Remember: the player may not know how to play yet! Make things easy!
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Act 2

Act 2 must also be easy to get through, but it's okay to have a few easy obstacles for the player. Give the player a straightforward direction to follow: avoid confusing areas. Important guidelines:

  • give the player lots of open space
  • please avoid restricted/clumsy areas: give the player a large, open space.
  • lots of waterfalls
  • a little bit of water
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Act 3

Boss act.

The boss is a Giant Wolf, as suggested by João Victor. It will stay behind the platforms, and Surge must jump into its head a few times. The Giant Wolf will use its fists to try and kill the player. The animation below illustrates a battle:

Concept by João Victor

Level-specific objects


  • T-bar zipline: Ride on it and zoom down!
Concept by svgmovement

Level-specific enemies

  • Jumping flower: Keeps jumping like a spring (nickname: 'Springfling').
Concept by svgmovement
Concept by svgmovement

  • Wolf: Your basic enemy that walks left and right (nickname: 'Wolfey' [originally 'Wolfredo']).
Concept by svgmovement

  • Fish: A regular fish/piranha that jumps in and out of the water (nickname: 'Blowfish' [originally 'Peixudo']).
Concept by svgmovement

  • Mosquito (act 2 only): If it sees you, it comes after you (nickname: 'Stalker' [originally 'Moska']).
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Level-specific friends

  • Water skimmer (act 2 only): A spider or insect that stays in the surface of the water (nickname: 'Skaterbug').
  • It jumps on the surface of the water, and the player is able to get on top of it, and travel through it - that is, move right, without diving into the water, like if it was a boat of some sort
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The cutscenes are dropped for now.

The cutscenes, held according to the Game Story.

Before Act 1

Storyboard made by João Victor:

Surgestoryboard1.jpg Surgestoryboard2.jpg

Between act 1 and act 2

I think we may simply drop this one?

Between act 2 and act 3

At the river bank, Surge sees a dam.

Surge: "What the... that dam wasn't here yesterday. How the heck did that get built so fast?!"

Surge looks around, but Neon isn't there.

Surge: calls out in the surrounding forest desperately "Neon? Are you okay? Where are you? Neon? Neon?!"

Surge: "Neon must've been captured... or maybe he ran off when he saw some of those creatures. Either way, he's in trouble
and I have to find him."

An anteater comes out of the woods.

Anteater: yells "HELP! They're coming! Run! Run for your life!"

The anteater gets grabbed by two of them and they disappear with the anteater in shroud of black mist.

Surge is in shock.
Surge: "What!? It's just gone... just like when Neon and I – wait a second... I remember these things! They appear out of
nowhere and ambush whoever they are after. So, these strange creatures of darkness are the ones behind the disappearances of
innocent animals... and more of them are starting to appear. Looks like it's up to me to stop whoever's behind this..."

Act 3

When Surge sees the boss...

Surge: "Wh-what are you?! Where are all my friends?!"

The giant creature just growls at him. Surge quickly goes from shock to rage.

Surge: "Okay, that's IT! You're going down! I've had it with with you monsters! I'm gonna put a stop to the disappearances
right here and now!"

After act 3

A young deer comes out of the woods after the boss is beaten.

Young deer: "Surge! Please help us!"

Surge: "What's wrong?"

Young deer: "That dam is cutting off our water supply... we are running out of clean water to drink!"

Surge: "Don't worry, I'll get your water back!"

young deer: "Thank you!"

Surge: "Now, run! It isn't safe here!"

The young deer does so.

Surge: to himself "Maybe Neon just was concerned about this thing too and went to investigate... either way, I've got to
figure out a way to get these animals' water supplies back!"

Old stuff

Sunshine Paradise: first/old sketch