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This guardian of the Dimensional Gate resembles a porcupine, and is willing to do whatever it takes to guard the Dimensional Scepter!


  • Sharp is a porcupine, preferably a fat/old one
  • Sharp is full of sharp spines
  • Twisted personality
  • Odd
  • Weird
  • Psychopath
  • Evil
  • Liar
  • Tormented
  • Guardian

Moves (Rainbow and Dimensional Gate Zone)--

Spine Shot: Shoots a single spine at the opponent. Will not cause every ring to be lost, but rather a ring drain due to poisoning. If a spine is stuck to you, you must shake it off.

Spine Blade: Sharp will rush at you, and use spines on his arm to deal an extremely fast blow. Causes normal ring loss.

Advanced Moves (Only at Dimensional Gate)--

Razor Shred: Sharp does a Surge jump and fires out 8 spines in every direction. Causes ring drain like above, and doubles in speed if multiples are stuck in the character.

Seeker Spine: Fires a homing spine. Sharp is vulnerable while this attack is fired.


Wall Climbing: Sharp can stick to walls, but not necessarily climb them.

Wall Jumping: Sharp is able to jump from wall to wall at an impressive speed.

Concept Art

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by svgmovement

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