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An unofficial Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel for OpenSonic collaboration is located on FreeNode, channel #opensonic. Information about this channel and how to connect can be found in this article.


Collaboration is best undertaken on the OpenSonic Forum. There, people from several time zones are given enough opportunity to read and join in a discussion. However, at times an issue needs to be discussed without delay, typically between only two or three people. For these times an IRC channel can be useful.

When discussing something on IRC, take care not to make decisions that would affect those not present in the channel. It is best to move certain topics back into the forum if they are going in this direction.

Questions and Answers

If you do not find an answer to your question here, ask over at the OpenSonic Forum.

What is IRC

Internet Relay Chat is an old chat protocol still in use today thanks to standards.

How do I get on IRC

WikiPedia has an article on IRC Clients which may help. Basically you need a server/port and a channel. Also you'll want to pick an nickname for yourself.

What is FreeNode

FreeNode is a network of several IRC servers. You can find a FreeNode server close to you by going to their website. They also have a webchat if you don't want to download a client.

Nobody is answering my question

Patience! IRC is like a forum; some people are not sitting right in front of their screen. Give them time to show up and answer. When they do, you may just be lucky enough to be sitting there to dialogue. IRC conversations can take hours or days to complete.