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Surge is a charismatic rabbit with cool sneakers that light up when he walks. He loves to play video-games and he's the main hero of Open Surge. Surge is a mascot of the free and open-source world.

Surge the Rabbit.png

Curiosity: a "surge" is a very rapid spike in voltage in an electrical circuit. It is very fast, typically measured in microseconds, and also very intense, being able to reach over 1000 volts (or many thousands, as when lighting hits a power line).

Special Moves

Lightning Boom

While jumping, press jump again. Surge will perform the Lightning Boom, an explosion that defeats the baddies nearby and gives him a double jump.

Lightning Boom

Tip: when in possession of the Thunder Shield, you'll get electricity all around you and the Lightning Boom will become more powerful!

Lightning Boom Plus

Lightning Smash

When in possession of the Thunder Shield, perform the Lightning Boom. Next, press jump again quickly while midair. Surge will be thrown downwards with energy: that's the Lightning Smash!

Tip: if you hit a baddie with the Lightning Smash while holding jump, you will bounce strongly and soar really high!

Lightning Smash

Charging & rolling

While on the ground, hold down and press jump to charge a dash. Release down to roll dash. The faster you release down since last pressing jump, the faster the dash will be.

If you simply press down while walking or running, you will roll.



Concept Art

Surge the Rabbit

Surge the Rabbit (the official version).

Image by João Victor

Surge with Sunglasses

Surge with Sunglasses.

Illustration by João Victor
Illustration by João Victor

Art by wix

Teenage Surge

A teenage version of Surge.

Concept by svgmovement

Surge SVG

Latest version

Vector art by Lainz, based on João Victor's drawing

Vector art by Lainz
Vector art by Lainz

Older version

Old SVG version created by Lainz. Get the SVG.

SVG created by Lainz

Child Surge

A child version of Surge.

Concept by João Victor

Cartoon Surge

Surge, funny cartoon-style.

Concept by João Victor

Simple Surge

Simple Surge, monochromatic.

Art by Adrien (Dakal-FR)

Beta Surge

"Beta" version of Surge: light brown colors and green eyes.

Outlined by Di Rodrigues and colored by Mateus Reis


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Surge in other games

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Surge playing.gif