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Obsolete This document is obsolete, but kept for archival purposes.

We used to have fixed work positions in the past, but that was not really productive. We now use a different approach: people are free to contribute with art, musics, levels, etc. just by posting free original content they make on the forums. There are some regulations, but there are few barriers to participate. Please follow the link:

Team structure

People all around the world work on this project. The development team is divided in seven areas of skill:

Team structure

Each of these areas presents one or more roles one can play. In addition to the presented areas, there is a project leader who is responsible for: planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. Individuals who work on this project understand the philosophy of the game.

This is a decentralized organizational structure where individuals have authority to take their own decisions. In spite of this authority, every individual follows the philosophy of the game and respect the other members of the team, so we can all work towards a common goal.

We need new people to work on this project. If you want to become part of the development team, please contact us. We announce open work positions at the community forums.


Lead Programmer
The Lead Programmer is responsible for the underlying architecture for the software project. In this project, the lead programmer also works as a programmer.
Programmers develop the software of the game, implementing the game logic and techniques of artificial intelligence, computer graphics, interaction, etc.


Lead Artist
The Lead Artist specifies the art guidelines, working with the programmers and with the level designers to drive the art team to follow the creative vision. Also works as an artist.
Artists are responsible for the visual aspects of the game: they create the objects, animations, characters, illustrations, etc., following the Art Specification Document.


Lead Musician
The Lead Musician leads the music team in the development of the musics and sound effects of the game. The Lead Musician is also a Musician.
Creates the musics used in the game.
Sound effects designer
Creates the sound effects used in the game.

Level Design

Level Designer
Level Designers create the concepts of the levels, writing succinct documents about them. Programmers, artists and musicians use these documents to develop the required resources to complete the level. Level Designers also build the levels using a level editor.


Forum Moderator
Forum Moderators are responsible for moderating discussion and also keeping the forum clean, neutralizing spam. Moderators also answer users' concerns about the forum.
Wiki Manager
Wiki Managers are responsible for keeping the wiki working properly, neutralizing spam and vandalism. We assume that most people have good intentions, as anyone can modify the wiki.


People who join the porting team are responsible for porting the game to diverse platforms. Ports must be kept up to date, otherwise they will be dropped.


Translators are responsible for translating the game to other languages. Translations must be kept up to date, otherwise they will be dropped.

Development Team

Follow this link.