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Concept by Ruben Caceres

The Tutorial level teaches the user, interactively, how to play the game. It shows the basics of the cooperative play and the individual abilities of the characters. It's a very easy level to get through.

The level has a "Roman architecture" style, with some olympic themes involved in it.

  • Levels (2 Acts) divided in sections, learn about moves, springs, checkpoints, teleporters, big rings, goal signs etc.
  • The crossbow spring like object could shoot the player to targets.
  • Targets should be destroyed when/if the player hits them, giving them 10 rings.
  • Rotating swords that are more for ornament but could hurt the player if he gets curious. Trying to go easy on tutorial level.
  • Rotating platforms for Tails' section.
  • Moving pillars.
  • The red obstacles are a representation of an obstacle race course, you could spindash to break them or jump over them.

Level-specific items


Level-specific enemies