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This section is deprecated due to newer versions. We ask that you don't use the information provided in this section, but read up on the most recent information available on this wiki or in the forum.

This page has been kept for historical purposes.


This is a list of tasks that must be developed by the community. You may send your contributions to the community forums.

If you want to help, you may assign your name to one of the tasks on the table below. It's advisable that you do not take more than two tasks simultaneously. If you assign a task to your name, make sure you know how to develop it. You'll be held responsible for every part of it (including scripting, art and audio), and we'll want to know your progress on a frequent basis. You may call other people to help you on the assignments, but you'll be the task leader.

Note: please do not move a task to the "Completed tasks" category unless you get approval from the project leader.

Note: if you're not sure that you have enough time to invest, please don't take a task.

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Task Assigned to  %
High priority
Background KZR 60%
Enemy: fish Joao Victor & Alexandre 50%
Medium priority
Enemy: mosquito (act 2) - 0%
Enemy: water skimmer (act 2) - 0%
Item: t-bar zipline with proper physics lunarrush 20%
Item: bouncy vines - 0%
Item: inconveniently placed rock - 0%
Item: barrels (act 2) SilverstepP 10%
Item: curvy road - 0%
Level music - 0%
Low priority
Boss Joao Victor & Alexandre 30%
Level building: act 1 wrath1138 0%
Level building: act 2 wrath1138 0%
Level building: act 3 wrath1138 0%
Completed tasks
Full brickset SurgeChris, Joao Victor, KZR 100%
Enemy: grasshopper / springing plant Alexandre & SilverstepP 100%
Enemy: wolf Joao Victor & Alexandre 100%