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This section is deprecated due to newer versions. We ask that you don't use the information provided in this section, but read up on the most recent information available on this wiki or in the forum.

This page has been kept for historical purposes.


This is the list of sprites that must be developed by the community. If you want to help us out, please take a look at

The graphics of the sprites are put in the images/ folder. You can use them as a reference. Also, take a look at the Art Specification Document

For level graphics, please refer to TODO Level GFX


Any small variations on the dimensions specified below will also be accepted.

More items will be added soon.

Task Assigned to  %
High priority
Medium priority
Full spritesheet: Gimacian the Dark
 Dimensions: 50x70 pixels
- 0%
Full spritesheet: Sharp
 Dimensions: 50x50 pixels
- 0%
Low priority
Completed tasks
Doors and switches Celdecea 100%
Spikes Celdecea 100%
Bumper Celdecea 100%
Checkpoint orb Celdecea 100%
DNA Doors SilverstepP 100%
Shields: normal, fire, thunder, acid, wind, water SilverstepP & Celdecea 100%
Item boxes Celdecea 100%
Springs: yellow, red, blue - in 8 directions Celdecea 100%
Level "act" icons - this is composed by three sprites: act1, act2, act3 Christopher Martinus 100%
Message boxes. Details here: [1] d1337r 100%
HUD graphics Alexandre 100%
Big ring. Gaivota 100%
Rings. Two animations: active (spinning) and disappearing Gaivota and Alexandre 100%
Blue rings. Just a recolor from the above item. Gaivota and Alexandre 100%
Full spritesheet: "Charge" the Badger SilverstepP and contributors 100%
"Pause" sprite (the one that appears when you pause the game) SilverstepP 100%
Full spritesheet: "Neon" the Squirrel Joao Victor 100%
Explosion sprite. This appears when you kill baddies or break item boxes. OpenGameArt 100%
Invincibility stars Alexandre 100%
Full spritesheet: "Surge" the Rabbit Joao Victor 100%
Teleporter. It has two animations: idle, active. d1337r 100%
End of level machine (the one that appears after you defeat a boss and that releases little animals upon explosion) Mateus Reis & SilverstepP 100%
"GOAL" sign MTK358 100%
Little animals: the ones that are created after the player kills the baddies. Use open source/free mascots. Joao Victor 100%
Title screen logo Joao Victor 100%
"GOAL" flag (if you touch it, then you clear the level) Joao Victor 100%