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This is the list of original art assets that must be composed by the community. These art assets will be used as bricks and backgrounds in the levels. If you can help us out by creating the graphics, please take a look at


Each level includes specifications for the assets used in the game (these may include color schemes, ratios, fonts, and/or concepts). Please keep in mind that there is a general Art Specification Document that is used as a guideline. The level artists will develop commonly used graphics such as: floors, walls, slopes, backgrounds, etc.

  • Official bricksets must be grid-compatible! That is, the dimensions of every brick must be divisible by 8.


Task Assigned to  %
High priority
Sunshine Paradise - 0%
Medium priority
Tutorial Level - 0%
Low priority
Waterwork Zone - 0%
Rainbow Zone - 0%
Black Forest Zone - 0%
City Chill Zone - 0%
Music Stadium - 0%
Dragon Egg Zone - 0%
Crystal Temple - 0%
Spring Forge Zone - 0%
Magma Mine Zone - 0%
Sky Fortress - 0%
Dimensional Gate - 0%
Demonic Duel - 0%
Bonus Stage - 0%
Completed tasks