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This section is deprecated due to newer versions. We ask that you don't use the information provided in this section, but read up on the most recent information available on this wiki or in the forum.

The Rapid Brickset Editor, also known as RBE, is an online tool (i.e., no download is required) written by Alexandre. This tool is now considered deprecated due to advancements of the game engine. The usage of this tool is no longer encouraged. This article has been kept for historical purposes.

Current version

Rapid Brickset Editor 2: adjusting the angles

RBE2 is a simple brickset editor like it's predecessor, but (hopefully) with much better usability. You need a fairly modern browser to be able to use it.

How to use:

  • give a name to your brickset (say, mybrickset). The brickset data will be saved on the server, so you can resume your work later;
  • click on the image button to upload a new brickset image;
  • in order to configure the bricks, you just need to select a tool on the menu and keep clicking on the image;
    • tip: use the mouse wheel to change the tool.
  • bricks that are placed together (i.e., no empty space between them) will belong to the same group (.grp) of objects;
  • when you're done, click on get .brk to download your brickset.

Like its predecessor, RBE2 only accepts 16x16 non-animated bricks.

Note: in order to get the correct angle for a given brick, think that the player is running on top of it from the left to the right. Then, you select the appropriate arrow (e.g., if it's a plain ground, you select "--->").

Old version

Property: obstacle, cloud or passable
Orientation: determines the angle

How to use: you just need to select a tool on the menu (property or orientation) and keep clicking on the image of the brickset to configure the bricks. Click on export to .brk when you're done. We believe any users can get it pretty fast.

All that simplicity comes with a price: you can't make any kind of bricksets.

  • RBE supports only 16x16 non-animated bricks. This means that:
    • it generates grid-compatible bricks (press G on the built-in level editor to enable the grid)
    • you won't place too many individuals tiny bricks in your levels: you'll create groups of bricks and work with large blocks
      • starting from version 1.1, RBE also exports to .grp files. It considers side-by-side 64x64 grid-aligned blocks as groups of bricks
  • If you need animated bricks, movable platforms, breakable walls, etc., you'll have to write them by hand.
    • it's much better than writing hundreds of bricks by hand anyway
  • Although RBE can export regular bricksets, it can't read .brk files.
    • it has its own file format. In order to load/save projects created on the tool, click on the Load/Save option at the menu.
  • Not all browsers are supported. See the list of supported browsers by accessing the tool.
    • if you're not using one of the supported browsers, the tool may not work correctly or may not work at all
  • Bricks are numbered first from left to right, then from top to bottom.
  • How to get the orientation right:
    • think that the player is running from left to right: then you select an appropriate arrow. So, for example, if it's a plain ground, you select the "--->" arrow