Magma Mine Zone

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This zone comprises of two acts and a boss act. 'Neon' and 'Charge' will be the only two to play this level.

There are many trolleys and mine carts carrying crystals to the Sky Fortress... The entire level is shimmering with heat.

This level could be unique in that Magma Mine and Spring Forge are paired together so that Magma Mine act 1 will switch over to Spring Forge act 1 and then back to act 2. Act 2, however, will go straight to the boss. Spring Forge would then be completed the same way. This will give the player a sense that time is not going back and forth during their seperation, and will perhaps prevent confusion.


Some concept art for the level. Provided by SilverstepP. He is no artist, but he believes that this would still give one a general idea what he is thinking about.