Gimacian the Dark

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An evil wizard who needs darkness to increase his powers. He wants to transform the world into pure darkness in order to become the absolute ruler. His origins are unknown, but it's believed he somehow came from another dimension.

The main inspiration for this fictional character is the Davos Man.


Gimacian the Dark. Concept art by KZR.
Davos Man in funny clothes. The photo includes magical symbols such as a cross and a goat.

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Moves used in battle (Music Stadium)

Shadow Split: Gimacian fires a bolt of darkness down that splits into two shockwaves that travel left and right. Causes ordinary ring loss. Gimacian is vulnerable when he uses this.

Black Void: Gimacian forms a hole of darkness on the field, signaled by a black spark 2 seconds before. The hole then starts to pull everything into it, other than Gimacian. The character must be a good distance away to keep themselves from getting hurt. Causes ring loss. Recovering rings is made difficult due to the pull, but the recovery time of a character should prevent an instant death.

Teleport: Gimacian will automatically teleport to a random point on the field if a chracter tries to hit him while he's not attacking. This gives the battle a requirement of timing.

Advanced Moves (Spring Forge)

Super Split: Just like Shadow Split, only Gimacian fires three bolts. One goes right, one goes left, and one goes down. The one going down reacts the same as the last battle. The ones hitting the walls will cause a a shockwave to travel down the wall and onto the floor and will dissipate when they collide. This attack will cause normal ring loss.

Creature Call: Gimacian summons some enemies to distract you.

Midnight Void: Just like Black Void, only, Gimacian can make it suddenly appear on another part of the field. It is still obvious to see where it will go. Changes about every 3 seconds.