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This is the current version of the story. It may be changed in the future.
"Surge" the Rabbit and "Neon" the Squirrel are resting in one of Sunshine Paradise's many meadows.

Surge: "Ahhh, this is the life, eh buddy?"

Neon: "Yeah..."

Surge: "Do you think that we –"

In the distance, a loud roar is heard.

Surge: "Neon, stay here."

Neon: "Do you think this has to do with these strange disappearances?"

Surge: "I don't know, buddy. I'm going to go see what the racket is, just avoid whatever these... things are..."

Neon: "But Surge, YOU'LL get hurt! I want to help!"

Surge: "No, Neon. Wait here and stay on your guard. I can't allow you to get hurt by these things!"

Neon: "but, SURGE..."

Surge: sighs heavily "Fine... let's meet up at the waterfall, then. Just stay on your guard. Remember, if it gets to be too

much, just run."

Neon: "Okay, but you be careful too... okay?"

Surge: "I will. Now, hurry! Go!"

Surge rushes off. Neon rushes off in the opposite direction.

'Sunshine Paradise Act 1'

Suddenly, Surge is ambushed by a pitch black creature with sharp claws and purple, glowing markings. The beast lunges at

him, and nearly knocks Surge out, but Surge recovers and attacks the beast. The beast dissipates. Surge realizes that Neon

could be in trouble as well.

Surge rushes to the waterfall.

'Sunshine Paradise Act 2'

At the river bank, Surge sees a dam.

Surge: "What the... that dam wasn't here yesterday. How the heck did that get built so fast?!"

Surge looks around, but Neon isn't there.

Surge: calls out in the surrounding forest desperately "Neon? Are you okay? Where are you? Neon? Neon?!"

Surge: "Neon must've been captured... or maybe he ran off when he saw some of those creatures. Either way, he's in trouble

and I have to find him."

An anteater comes out of the woods.

Anteater: yells "HELP! They're coming! Run! Run for your life!"

The anteater gets grabbed by two of them and they disappear with the anteater in shroud of black mist.

Surge is in shock.

Surge: "What!? It's just gone... just like when Neon and I – wait a second... I remember these things! They appear out of

nowhere and ambush whoever they are after. So, these strange creatures of darkness are the ones behind the disappearances of

innocent animals... and more of them are starting to appear. Looks like it's up to me to stop whoever's behind this..."

A massive beast drops in. It looks like a huge version of what Surge has already been fighting.

Surge: "Wh-what are you?! Where are all my friends?!"

The giant creature just growls at him. Surge quickly goes from shock to rage.

Surge: "Okay, that's IT! You're going down! I've had it with with you monsters! I'm gonna put a stop to the disappearances

right here and now!"

'Sunshine Paradise Boss'

A young deer comes out of the woods after the boss is beaten.

Young deer: "Surge! Please help us!"

Surge: "What's wrong?"

Young deer: "That dam is cutting off our water supply... we are running out of clean water to drink!"

Surge: "Don't worry, I'll get your water back!"

young deer: "Thank you!"

Surge: "Now, run! It isn't safe here!"

The young deer does so.

Surge: to himself "Maybe Neon just was concerned about this thing too and went to investigate... either way, I've got to

figure out a way to get these animals' water supplies back!"

'Waterwork Zone Acts 1 & 2'

Surge comes up a ledge to find a caped figure. Surge is also tired from climbing up the dam and is in a bad mood.

Surge: "Oh wonderful... a caped figure. This should be interesting... who are you?"

Gimacian the Dark: "Hahahahaha... you fool! Haven't you heard of me, Gimacian, the Dark?!"

Surge: "...No. Not really."

Gimacian the Dark: "BAH! That very name will soon strike fear in all who inhabit this land! It doesn't matter! Now out of my

way, or you shall be crushed like an insignificant BUG! Do you really think one so puny and small as you has any hope against


Surge: steps forward, gets over his exhaustion "I'll take my chances."

Gimacian the Dark: "You think it wise to defy me? Pity. I wished perhaps you could become a good, obedient little underling of

mine. Oh well..."

Gimacian summons a massive dark beast resembling an octopus, in a tank just below them.


Gimacian the Dark: "Yes, heh heh heh. I guess I am. ATTACK!"

'Waterworks Zone Boss'

The massive octopus-like dark beast snatches Surge into the tank with it. Surge manages to escape its grip before it crushed


Surge destroys the beast easily, and the resulting explosion that destroys the dam. Surge gets away just before the blast, as

Gimacian escapes.

Surge: looks around "Where'd that coward run off to!? ... Now how am I supposed to find him?"

The deer comes up to Surge again.

Young deer: "We have water again!"

Surge: "Yeah, but I didn't stop the guy who took it all to begin with."

Young deer: "I may be able to help you. Lately, it seems as if the beasts have been coming from the Rainbow Realm."

Surge: "But, I thought the Rainbow Realm didn't exist! I mean, it's supposed to be able to get you anywhere in our world!"

Young deer: "I know the path to an entrance to the Realm. If you find the dark creatures, maybe you can stop them from

where they're coming from!"

The young deer led Surge to the Rainbow Realm's entrance.

'Rainbow Realm Zone Acts 1 & 2 '

Sharp: "HALT!"

Surge is surprised to see a very spiky green creature jump out. It appears to be a porcupine.

Surge: "Oh, wonderful. Now, who are you?"

Sharp: "I am Sharp, protecter of this area. What business do you have here?"

Surge: "I'm trying to –"


Surge: startled a bit by the interruption "But there's these creatures all over the place that are kidnapping everyone I


Sharp: "No! Those who come here only crave power! It is my duty to keep this power protected!"

Surge: "So why are you letting the CREATURES through?!"

Sharp: "I know not of any creatures! I know only of you! And you are threatening the safety of this fragile place! Even the

SLIGHTEST touch to certain objects can mess with everything in the other world. I suppose I'll have to destroy you before you get

the chance to do so!"

'Sharp Battle 1'

Sharp: "What? You're more powerful than you look. I'll let you go... for now. If I ever see you here again, I'll make you wish

you had never been born."

Sharp runs off.

Surge: "Somebody has a temper."

Surge finds the exit nearby.

Surge appears in a wooded area, but the trees are all dying and there are strange mutations in wildlife.

Surge: "Wha – uh-oh. Spiney might have been right... I hope I didn't cause any of this..."

'Black Forest Act 1'

Surge is running and is stopped after hearing a voice.


Surge goes to see what's going on and finds that a badger is trapped and tied up by some vines.

Surge: "What the... who are you?"


Surge spin dashes and shreds through the vines.

Charge: "Thanks! My name is Charge. That evil wizard guy came in and wiped out our entire forest..."

Surge: "What?!...(Phew, it WASN'T my fault, then)"

Charge: "Yeah, everyone else here has been taken away by those shadow creatures..."

Surge: "Why are you still here?"

Charge: "I battled Gimacian, and he said something about being useful to him or something... apparently, he was impressed

by my strength."

Surge: "So he trapped you? In those vines?"

Charge: "Yeah. I would've used my claws, but according to Gimacian, those vines were of the 'quote' strength neutralizing

variety 'endquote'."

Surge: "Whatever. You're free now... and I need some help. Let's go."

They run off into the next part of the forest.

'Black Forest Act 2'

They find Gimacian.

Gimacian the Dark: "So, you've escaped? And you brought that meddlesome pig with you?"


Gimacian the Dark: "Bah! I have no time for this!"

A large dark beast appears, and Gimacian flies off.


Only Charge can fight this boss, as it is on higher ground that requires climbing.

'Black Forest Boss '

After getting through Black Forest, they head toward where they last saw Gimacian and come across a giant city made of ice. It

has a dark aura over it. Being curious if that was where Gimacian had run off to, they go there.

'City Chill Zone Acts 1 & 2'

They run into a strange robot that seemed to purposely be freezing the entire city to make it all inhospitable. As a result, there

are no people in the entire city. The boss can freeze a character solid, and attempts to do so before fighting it. It also seems to

have been... an enchanted air conditioner of some sort? Surge snickers at this.

Surge: "Whoa! Chill out!"

Charge: "Surge, out of all the things that go through your head, you say 'chill out' to a robot that can turn you into an instant

meat popsicle?!"

Surge: "What? Give me a break. It's an AIR CONDITIONER!"

'City Chill Boss'

Then, they notice something that stands out: A massive stadium with music blaring out of it. They figure that would be a place

to head for, since it is possibly where the people went. Perhaps this city wasn't so empty after all.

'Music Stadium Acts 1 & 2'

They go through the zone, but there is still nobody there at all... even though there is a huge temperature difference. They face

Gimacian again, who, sick of his creatures' failures, actually fights them personally. He also explains (before the battle) that he

didn't freeze this area because HE was still in it.

'Music Stadium Boss: Gimacian the Dark'

Gimacian the Dark: "Ha-ha-ha-ha! You think you've beaten me!? What you've seen here was just a miniscule bit of my power.

When I obtain the Dimensional Rings, the day of reckoning shall arrive, and all the world will see my true power, and despair!"

Charge: "Then I'll end this madness now!"

Gimacian the Dark: "Oh really? And what about you Surge? Or your poor little friend? You don't care about what happens to

him, eh?"

Surge: "No, you don't mean..."

Gimacian the Dark: "Yes ... Neon is at the mercy of about 12 bloodthirsty dragons. They're under MY control, and if you try to

finish me, they will finish Neon... for GOOD!"

Charge: "Surge, lets just end it now! If we let Gimacian go now, who knows how many innocent beings he'll kill! What's that

compared to a single life being lost!?"

Surge: "NO! I can't just leave Neon to die! Not after all we've been through together ... Not after all we've fought for, I know

we're trying to stop Gimacian, but HE WAS TOO! WHERE IS HE, GIMACIAN!? WHERE'S NEON!?"

Gimacian the Dark: "He's in a desert west of here. You'd best hurry, the dragons are getting hungry. MUA-HA-HA-HA-HA!"

Surge runs toward the west, to the desert, and Charge reluctantly follows him. Charge looks back and sees Gimacian is gone.

Charge: to himself "I should've ended him when I had the chance. Surge has no clue what this monster is capable of..."

'Dragon Egg Zone Act 1'

Surge and Charge arrive at the desert only to find nothing is there.

Surge: "Where IS this place anyways?!"

Charge: "Gimacian tricked us, obviously."

a Dragon: "Are you really surprised?"

Charge: (turning around) "No, I'm not, but I – WHOOOOAHHHHHOOOOHH! A DRAGON!"

An extremely large dragon is standing before them.

Surge: (terrified) "Okay, maybe he... D-DIDN'T trick us. U-Uh, did you happen to... kidnap a... small animal?"

Charge: (completely calm) "Surge, if THAT dragon was under Gimacian's control, wouldn't it be trying to kill us?"

Surge: (somewhat calmer) "...Yes?"

Dragon: "No, I am not under anybody's control. But I'm afraid that my brethren are not as lucky... dragons are very proud and

will not refuse a challenge. Gimacian is forcing them to power the mines. He's using the ore to make some sort of weapon... Who

knows what he'll do with the likes of that."

Surge: "Can you help us?"

Dragon: "No. But I will tell you where your friend is. He is being held at a nesting ground. The dragons under Gimacian's

control would most likely be keeping him near the heart of the nest. If you don't get there soon enough, he may be killed..."

Surge: "YES! WE KNOW!"

Dragon: "Then what are you doing?! Hurry! Before it's too late!"

Surge runs off again. Charge follows.

'Dragon Egg Zone Act 2'

Surge and Charge break through a wall into a cave.

Surge: "Well, we're in the middle of the nest. Shouldn't there be dragons here?"

Charge: "Surge! SURGE! SURGE!!! LOOK UP!

Surge: (Turning his head upward) "Something tells me I don't want (sees about 11 dragons) TOOOO!!!"

Every one of them drops down, and surrounds them.

Charge: "Nice knowing you, man. We're dragon food!"

Surge: "Wait a minute..." (Flashback to the 'dragons never refuse a challenge')

Charge: "Oh. OK. Oh, wait. WE DON'T HAVE ONE!"

Surge: (to the dragons) "The PROUD dragons! 11 of you taking on 2 of us?! I'd be ashamed to be your master! I bet he can't

even fight!"

Charge: (VERY startled) "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"


Charge: (terrified) "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!"

Surge: (whispering) "So we can take on one dragon as opposed to 11."

The dragon's leader comes out. He looks very, very mad...


'Dragon Egg Boss'

Neon is found in a cage hanging from a ceiling and which was also being held by one of the dragons (to prevent Surge and

Charge from getting him out early), who ran towards its fallen chief, and Charge frees him. The dragon reawakens, freed from

Gimacian's control, and goes on a rampage. His tantrum makes the ground below the three break up, and they nearly fall into an

endless pit, but Charge glides to safety, and Neon flies Surge to safety.

Neon: "Thanks for freeing me from those dragons! Another minute, I would've become lunch!"

Surge: "I'm just glad you're alright, buddy."

Charge: "Why was it SO IMPORTANT to rescue him? I would rather have killed Gimician than rescue him! I should have done it

when I had the chance!"

Surge: "Ugh. You don't understand. We're practically brothers. Neon and I have fought those shadow creatures together

many times before. When I first met Neon, he was on the verge of losing to one..."

Neon: "But he also saved MY life. From then on, we were allies and friends, fighting against those things, and also protecting

others from the creatures."

Surge: "Neon's saved my life many times before, too. As a matter of fact, he just did a second ago, so, thanks, buddy!"

Neon: "No problem! So now... where are we?"

They look around to see ruins. It was a strangely lit place, due to a bunch of crystals, and the location had an eerie feel to it.

Surge: "I don't know, but we should probably explore this place. Maybe we'll find out exactly what Gimacian's after..."

Neon:"I know what he's after. He's after... the Dimensional Scepter."

Surge: "Well, what's that?"

Neon: "It's –"

Gimacian the Dark: "Not for you miserable pests to know about!"

Surge: "Gimacian! I'll make you regret showing your ugly face again, after what you put Neon through!"

Gimacian the Dark: "You fools, you can't even touch me. Take this!"

The ground below the three collapsed, and they all get knocked out by a hard impact.

Gimacian the Dark: to himself "That'll keep them busy for a while, but just in case..."

Gimacian causes a rockslide to happen between Surge and Neon, and Charge.

Gimacian the Dark: to himself "They'll be wandering down there for all eternity! HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Gimacian takes off to parts unknown.

Later, Surge wakes up to find that Charge isn't there.

Surge: "Ugh, man, just when I find Neon, then I lose that hard head..."

Neon: "Surge, where are we?"

Surge: "I don't know, but I have a feeling it's gonna be a LONG climb, buddy..."

Neon: "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I wish Charge was here..."

Surge: "Why? Don't you trust him?"

Neon becomes slightly disturbed by this comment.

Neon: "Yeah, trust a guy who would leave you as dragon food... "

Surge: "Ugh... yeah... that's true..."

Neon: "Surge, I need to tell you something that Charge shouldn't hear about... I want to tell you about the dimensional rings."

Surge: "The dimensional rings?"

Neon: "That's right. These ruins were built by people who were devoted to the power of the 8 dimensional rings. Look, there's

these murals all over the place. Those dragons are guardians... it doesn't get much safer than that nesting area, apparantly."

Neon points to a mural showing 8 rings: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, and black.

Neon: "These rings are rumored to unlock the secrets of the Dimensional Gate... once it is open, it's possible to access even

the most distant of worlds using the secrets of the Rainbow Realm... however, until the gate is open, the scepter cannot be


Surge: "I see. So, Gimacian wants to expand his rule over EVERY world?"

Neon: "Correct, but not in the way that you think. He wants to unleash ALL of his forces of darkness on the Earth... maybe

even the entire universe! He is a master of dark beings... so if he had access to the Dimensional Gate, he'd be unstoppable if he

reached the Dimensional Scepter!"

Surge: "But I thought that the gate was just a spiritual place?"

Neon: "'sigh', Were you listening? It activates the scepter. The dimensional gate goes beyond space and time... even into

spirituality. We call spirituality anything outside of time and space. The scepter is where 'time' and 'space' are truly from. He who

controls the scepter controls existence itself..."

Surge: "That sounds like an awful lot of power! Gimacian can't be allowed to do this!"

Charge groans. He's awake on the other side of the rocks.

Charge: "Ugh.... what are you two talking about in there?"

Neon: "We're talking about how to get out of here," Neon lied.

Charge: "...Well, I have a fix for that."

Charge digs through the rubble separating them.

Charge: "We blast our way out of here!"

Surge and Charge dash ahead, and Neon lags behind a bit before catching up... the level then starts.

'Crystal Temple Zone Acts 1 & 2'

The boss is another underwater octopus, but much more powerful, and a far different look. It is MUCH harder to beat. Only

Neon fights this boss.

'Crystal Temple Zone Boss'

After the hard fight, Neon seems to be injured.

Surge: "Neon, what's wrong?"

Neon: "My... ankle... I must have finally broke it while running... when those dragons put me in that cage, they grabbed me by

my ankle and threw me in there... it's been acting up ever since..."

Charge: (getting angrier as he continues) "Walk it off... rub some dirt on it, you'll be fine, everything's good! Pull yourself

together, or we'll leave you behind!"

Neon: "SHUT UP! It's bad enough I'm stuck with you! I wish Surge would just leave you behind!"

Charge: "I wish Surge would've left you behind earlier!"

Surge: "I'm leaving you BOTH behind."

Neon & Charge: simultaneously "WHAT?!"

Surge: "We can't be an efficient team if you two keep arguing. It would be better to split up now anyways. These caves are

complex, so you two will need to work together in order to find out what Gimacian is doing down here. I will go up into the area

above here... and distract Gimacian so you two can find out what we want without interruption. Got it?"

Neon: "Wait, here are some communicators... I found them among some of the dragon's... victims."

Surge: "Okay then, this'll make things a bit easier. Now, let's split up."

Neon & Charge: simultaneously grunt, then both say "FINE!"

Surge: "Be careful, you guys. You never can tell what that maniac Gimacian is gonna hit us with next..."

Surge leaves.

Charge and Neon look at each other grudgingly.

Charge: "Alright. I guess we should rest first and let your ankle get better..."

Neon: "Yeah, like you care. It's BROKEN. You can't fix it, even if you did care about what happens to me"

Charge: sighs "Alright... I'm sorry. It wasn't personal... it's just that Gimacian must be stopped at all costs. He'll enslave

everything as we know it... putting everyone in places like that dragon nest."

Neon: sighs "I suppose that's true... I guess I didn't trust you since you were even going to let me fry, in order to stop


Charge: "To be honest, I didn't think that you even existed. Gimacian is usually a liar. That's a bit why I was so itching to kill

him as soon as possible. I was disappointed because you looked weak, and not worth the time that could have been used to stop


Neon: "Yeah. That's how Gimacian trapped me in the first place. He actually told me that Surge was being held here, but, I

wasn't a match for those dragons. One of them knocked me out, and I woke up to find myself being carried by one of them by

the ankle and... you already heard that part of the story. The dragons laughed at me for wandering into their nest, and laughed

even harder when I said that I was looking for my captured friend... they said I was the only one stupid enough to wander into

that place alone."

Charge: "Yeah... that's not something to proud of.... but I guess that could happen to anyone.... Gimacian's tricked lots of

people ... I guess he thought the dragons would overwhelm us, as well. In a way, they did. Gimacian's mind control partially gave

them his personality, but apparently, the personality of those under control remain the same... like how we tricked those


after a pause "Hmmmmmm... you know what? Here, I think I have something that'll help your sprain. I found it while we

were in the desert before the dragon's nest."

Charge holds out a dropper.

Neon: "What is it?"

Charge: "I have no clue, honestly. But I got sprain on my wrist from punching down a wall, I tried this stuff, and it healed

quickly and perfectly."

Neon: "Wait... that's a Dragon's Tear! Those are rare! Legend has it that those come from a spring in the Dimensional Gate."

Charge: "So that place we were in..."

Neon: "The dimensional gate was right there!"

Charge uses the drops on Neon, and Neon ankle is healed completely.

Neon: "AH, that's much better."

Neon jumps up.

Neon: "Let me walk around on it a bit and – WHOA."

Neon walks into a passageway and stops.

Charge: gets up, "What's wrong?"

Neon: "You gotta see this."

Charge walks over by Neon to see a massive red-lit mine. There's molten metal everywhere. Neon points to the far left to a

giant ship.

Charge: "What's that?"

Neon: "I don't know, but it can't be good for us. It looks like a giant flying battleship... but why is he building a ship if he wants

the scepter? That makes no sense."

Charge: "Let's go to it! Maybe we can figure out what that mad wizard is doing!"

Neon: "Hold on, let's contact Surge!"

Charge: "Okay."

Neon pulls out his communicator, but it doesn't work.

Neon: "Man, Surge's fast: I think he's already out of range for the communicators. Looks like this all is up to us!"

'Magma Mine Zone Act 1'

Neon and Charge were going to see what the massive ship is, when Charge stops and notices that some of Gimacian's goons

were mining for metal to use for the ship. Apparantly, they had found some solid gold rocks, and had thrown them away. Charge

was stunned at their appearance.

Neon: "Charge, come on! We have to HURRYYYYYYYYY-AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!"

Neon was cut off at 'hurry' since the ground collapsed below him. He had caught onto a ledge, but now he saw that there was

only molten magma below him.

Neon: "Charge! HELP!"

Charge started towards Neon, but then he sees that Gimacian's creatures are taking the gold away. Charge gets over his greed

and rescues Neon just as the ledge gives way. His hand is now holding onto Neon's tail.

Neon: "Charge! Th-thanks... and OUCH! YOUR CLAWS!"

Charge: "Yeah, yeah. Sorry."

He pulls Neon up. Charge pulls out the dragon tear and heals Neon's tail... while doing so, Charge notices that the creatures and

the gold are now gone. He sighs longingly.

Neon: "Charge! LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!"

Charge gets grabbed by one of the creatures, who had apparantly been sneaking up behind him. Charge struggles, but can't

escape. Neon panics, and manages to hit the beast just before it succeeded in taking him away.

Charge: "Whoah... thanks for that. Man, I was almost toast there!" Charge said.

Neon: "Yeah, but I should be thanking you more. I was almost LITERALLY toast."

Charge: "Haha, yeah. Come on, we need to keep going."

Neon: "Right behind you!"

'Magma Mine Zone Act 2'

Charge and Neon reach the ship only to find it heavily guarded by a giant beast. This is a much larger version of the first boss,

and is covered in spikes, protecting against any direct damage by characters. A pulley system brings large amounts of crystals to

the ship to be built into it.

Charge: "Neon, I have an idea. One of us should go and fight the leader of these creatures, while the other gets into the ship."

Neon: "Okay!"

Both characters can fight this boss. It is in a pit of sorts. The strategy is that the character must get high enough (by climbing,

flying, etc.) to hit one of the crystal carrying boxes. If it's timed right, the box will fall down and hit the boss for damage. The boss

attacks by slamming the ground and jumping onto the characters. He is too large to jump over, he must be flown over by Neon or

Charge must climb up a wall and glide over him.

'Magma Mine Zone Boss'


Surge is climbing up a ladder, preparing for the worst, and he sees a strangely colorful lid. He hits it and he comes out into

another area.

Surge: "...What the?!"

The area is bursting with color. A lot of 'boings' and 'spring' sound effects can be heard. Surge is now in Spring Forge Zone Act

1. This is where springs are made (along with a few other things).

Surge: "So, this is where all these strange trampolines and traps come from... I'd better find Gimacian here before it's too


'Spring Forge Zone Act 1'

Surge hears his communicator beeping by the character who isn't fighting the Magma Mine Boss.

Neon/Charge: "Hey Surge! Head's up: We found some strange ship that Gimacian seems to have been building!"

Surge: "A ship? But what is it for? He wants the scepter."

Neon/Charge: "We don't know yet, and we've already been through the fact that he's after the scepter. Do you want us to

explore it?"

Surge: "Yes, but don't press any buttons! I don't want that thing to fire a laser through one of you, or something!"

Neon/Charge: "Okay. I'll tell [the character fighting the boss] when he gets here."

Surge: "Good. Get this... I'm in some strange spring factory or something. I'll keep exploring up here..."

Neon/Charge: "Okay. Be careful, Surge!"

'Spring Forge Zone Act 2'

Surge: "Okay... it looks like Gimacian doesn't know I'm here."

Gimacian the Dark: "OH REALLY?!"

Surge: "GAH! GIMACIAN! Man, I hate it when you do that!"

Gimacian the Dark: "Hello again, Surge. I trust you find this factory quite amusing?"

Surge: "Er... yes, actually... uh... whatever. This place is just a front! I know what you're building underground!"

Gimacian the Dark: "Ah... my beautiful Sky Fortress... she'll be in the air before you know it, wreaking havoc on all the world!


Surge: "You're insane!"

Gimacian the Dark: "Perhaps. Perhaps not. Either way, you'll regret ever crossing the path of Gimacian the Dark!"

'Spring Forge Zone Boss: Gimacian the Dark (round 2)'

Gimacian is lying on the ground, and is groaning a bit as he gets up.

Gimacian the Dark: "I have had it with you, Surge! Let's see how you like THIS!"

Gimacian pulls out a switch, and it activates the Sky Fortress... Surge rushes towards him, but it's too late as he flips the switch.

Gimacian's weapon of global destruction was complete...

Meanwhile, back at the mines...

Neon: "It's taking off!"

Surge: "WHAT?! HURRY!"

Neon and Charge manage to get aboard just as it takes off. The ship breaks through the factory, right behind Surge and


Gimacian the Dark: "Fare-thee-well, Surge! I think this is the last time we'll meet before you all you know will turn to ashes and

rubble... and I use the scepter to shape existence in my own image!"

Gimacian flies off to his creation, cackling madly.

Surge: (To himself, while running) "Well, I know why he built the ship now... he's wiping out the planet with it so he can

reshape it himself! That still doesn't explain why he just doesn't use the scepter, but... it doesn't matter! I have to get up to it!"

Surge rushes after him, but the ship is too high for him to get to. He looks around, and chuckles at the obvious thing to do; He

IS in a SPRING FACTORY, after all. He decides to use the conveniently placed blue spring, that charges with force as it's

compressed, to jump onto the ship. The Fortress quickly rises into the sky, and Gimacian appears right in front of Surge.

Surge laughs at Gimacian, who is standing on a raised platform overlooking the open area where Surge was.

Surge: "Next time, don't use a spring factory as a front if you want to FLY away!"

Gimacian the Dark: "GAH! You pest! I don't have time to deal with you!"

Neon & Charge: "SURGE!"

Neon and Charge run up from behind Surge.

Surge: "How'd you guys get here?"

Neon: "We played 'stowaways'!"

Charge looks at Gimacian.

Charge: "What's wrong, nowhere left to run?"

Gimacian the Dark: "Who's running? Now I have you all RIGHT WHERE I WANT YOU!"

Gimacian presses another button on a handheld remote, and immediately, a device surrounds the three of them.

Gimacian the Dark: "Let's see you get out of THIS!"

The device starts to project an electric shield around them. They are trapped. Immediately, an electric current shoots through

them, and they are electrocuted.

Neon: fading "Surge... help..."

Surge gets very mad. He destroys one of the electrical devices on the trap, and the current stops.

Gimacian laughs at this.

Gimacian the Dark: "It did the job! This ship wasn't built to destroy everything... it was built to destroy YOU!

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now, my little surprise is ready!"

Gimacian pushes yet ANOTHER button. A trapdoor opens below the three heroes, and they fall inro a prison cell. It closes after

they hit the bottom.

Surge: "What did that thing do?!"

Neon shrugs.

Charge: looks at Neon, "Why didn't you FLY US OUT OF THAT MESS?!"

Surge: looks at Charge, "Now's not the time or place to argue! We have to sneak back up to the main deck."

Charge: looks back at Surge, "Well, how do we get out of here?"

Neon: sighs, "For goodness sakes, you have CLAWS! SLASH US OUT!"

Charge: "Oh, right!"

Charge slashed through a door. Surge looks ahead.

Surge: "Now, let's go!"

'Sky Fortress Zone Act 1'

They reach the underside of the ship.

Neon: "Hey Surge, don't look down!"

Surge looks down and utters a whimper. Neon laughs a bit.

Neon: "Why is it when somebody says that, they ALWAYS look down?! Don't worry Surge, I'll catch you if you fall!"

'Sky Fortress Zone Act 2'

They reach the main deck, to find that Gimacian isn't there.

Charge: looks around, "Looks like the chicken's flown the coop."

Neon flies to the platform Gimacian was standing earlier.

Nega Charge: "Hey, Neon, let me tell you something."

Neon turns around to see 'Charge' appear behind him out of nowhere. 'Charge' punches Neon and he lands right in front of...

Charge? Surge looks at the 2 Charges, unbelievingly.

Surge: "Whoa, whoa, whoa... why are there TWO CHARGES?!"

Neon: "I don't know, Surge..."

Surge turns around to see... himself? He gets spin-dashed to the middle, right next to Neon. Charge follows shortly after.

Charge: "NEON?! What are you doing?!I –"

He turns around to see Neon and Surge right next to him.

Charge: "Wait... what?!"

Surge: "Man... evil copies?!"

Neon: looks around, "It sure seems like it!"

The fake versions stand right in front of them.

Dark Surge: "HAHAHA! Man, you guys are GULLIBLE! Now, let me tell you something. I'm NOT that weakling..." points at the

real Surge. "I am Dark Surge! My cohorts over here, Nega Charge and Anti Neon are also more powerful than THOSE two...


The evil team takes off their disguises. They are colored MUCH differently, nearly the polar opposite color.

Nega Charge: laughs, "We even LOOK cooler!"

Dark Surge smacks Nega Charge on the back of the head.

Dark Surge: "SHUT UP! Now, if you don't mind, we're going to destroy you now! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Apparently, they're also polar opposite in attitude too.

Anti Neon: looks at Neon, "I've been itching to see you squirm!"

Anti Neon charges at Neon, who, in response, flies up to the area where he was knocked off earlier.

'Sky Brawl Act 1'

Anti Neon is very powerful, much more than Neon, or even Surge. However, Anti Neon is defeated by Neon, but only by a

clever trick. It seems that they are not only polar opposites in power levels as well, but in cleverness and intelligence too.

Neon: "Man, how did THAT nearly knock Charge out?! That was pathetic!"

Nega Charge: chimes in, "Maybe he's just WEAK!"

Charge: becomes enraged, "GRAAAAAAAAGH! NOBODY CALLS ME WEAK!"

Now Charge is battles Nega Charge.

'Sky Brawl Act 2'

After some struggle, Nega-Charge is defeated. Now, Dark Surge is the only one left. The three of them close in on him.

Dark Surge: "I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!" starts spinning, and releases a massive wave of darkness as he rams the three

of the characters, and KO's Neon and Charge, since they were already exhausted from their battles.

Dark Surge: "HAHAHAHA! How did you like my Dusk Dash?"

Surge: "Man, why can't I do that?!"

Dark Surge: "You're finished!"

'Sky Brawl Act 3'

After a difficult battle, Dark Surge ends up knocked out on the ground. A distant explosion was heard.

Surge: sighs, "That wasn't too hard, right?"

Charge: 'sarcastic laughter'

Neon: runs up, "Whoah guys, look what I found!" holds up a gun-like thing labeled 'Disposal And Regression Kronos - Zone

Gun ( for waste disposal ONLY )'.

Charge: "What the heck's that? We don't have time for messing around! We gotta get Gimacian!"

Neon: "Wait, I think it's a way to get rid of these guys so they don't come after us again."

Charge: "Well, if you think so, go for it! We have enough to deal with without these monkeys on our back!"

Surge: "Yeah, junk belongs in the trash, anyway."

Neon: "Okay, but stand behind me. Whe don't know what it's gonna do or how powerful it might be."

Neon fires the Disposal And Regression Kronos - Zone Gun at the three lying unconscious, pulling them into a dark vortex,

leaving no trace of them. Neon tosses it aside.

Surge: "Okay, now lets go!"

Gimacian comes running out of a doorway.


Surge: sighs, "What, you mean taking out the trash?"


Surge: "How is that possible?! We were nowhere near the power source!"

Gimacian the Dark: "Don't you get it, you imbeciles?! That trap was a DNA stealing device! My beautiful creation overloaded

when you defeated the robots it was controlling!"

Surge: "Those things were just ROBOTS?!... I knew that I have a hard head, but COME ON."

Gimacian the Dark: "IT DOESN'T MATTER NOW, ANYWAYS! All my beautiful work... gone DOWN THE DRAIN! At least I get the

pleasure of watching you DIE FROM AFAR! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Surge, panicked a bit, and tries to get to Gimacian, but it's too late. Gimacian teleports away before Surge reaches him. The ship

starts shaking violently and begins tilting slightly.


Surge: 'totally freaking out'"I DON'T KNOW, YOU TOLD ME NOT TO LOOK DOOOOOWN!!!!"





Surge finds doors to two escape pods in a chamber. A third door is empty where a pod is supposed to be.

Surge: "There's only two! Gimacian must've gone with the third!"

Charge: "Leave me behind! You two get to safety! I'll glide to safety!"



Neon: sighs,"I can FLY, you know! And at ANY height!"

Surge & Charge: "Oh... right."

The three manage to escape just before the ship explodes.

The ship crashes into the ruins... which the three of them enter shortly after.

Surge: peers at something, "Wow, Can it be...?"

Neon: "It IS!"

Charge: awed with mouth hanging open, "The dimensional gate... what are the ODDS?!"

The dimensional gate is huge, and it has 8 slots for the dimensional rings in it.

Surge: "Woah! Now that we found it, what should we do?"

*If they don't have all 8 of the dimensional rings:

Charge: "Well, I guess we should find the other rings first... Before Gimacian!"

Charge then replies, "Okay! Let's go!"

*Level select screen appears. Levels, where the rings were not collected from, are shown blinking, allowing you to replay them. When all 8 rings are collected, the story continues:

*If they have all 8 of the dimensional rings:

Charge: "Well, I guess we should enter it. Whatever is in there should be protected, so we'll go in and be the ones to protect

it." thinks aloud, "Heh. At least Gimacian didn't get here first. Maybe we won't have any more monster issues!"

The gate opens with a blinding light, and there are tons of monsters awaiting them.

Surge: "MAN! You just HAD to say something!"

The monsters charge at the trio, and the three heroes make their way through them.

Neon: screams, "WAAAGH! THERE'S TOO MANY!"

Gimacian the Dark comes from out of nowhere.

Gimacian the Dark: "HAHAHAHA! I see my trap worked excellently! Why thank you for all the rings, you pitiful weaklings!"

Charge: furious, "YOU COWARD!"

Surge looks around to see that these monsters are flooding in from all directions.

Surge: "Come on, we have to get to the scepter before Gimacian!"

'Dimensional Gate Act 1'

They reach Gimacian, who is with Sharp. Sharp gets upset at Gimacian like he did with Surge.

Sharp: "Give me the dimensional rings! You'll destroy all of existence as we know it!"

Gimacian the Dark: laughs, "I know."

Sharp and Gimacian start fighting, and Sharp loses.

Gimacian the Dark: "HAHAHAHA! You are no match for me, GIMACIAN THE DARK!"

Surge: comes forward, "Yeah, yeah, we know. But we know that even the mighty, POWERFUL Gimacian the Dark is nothing

compared to US!"

Gimacian the Dark: "YOU AGAIN?! I have had it with you! Perhaps it is time for you to see my ULTIMATE POWER!"

'Vs. Gimacian Final'

Gimacian is defeated, hanging off the ledge of a deep crevasse, where a tremendous waterfall flows [perhaps from all sides of the crevasse].

Gimacian the Dark: "UGH! You... how are you so strong?!"

Surge: walks up to him, "Evil can never prevail, as long as a force of justice exists in this world!"

Surge takes the Dimensional Rings back. Gimacian falls into the misty cloud of water that shrouds the base of the waterfall,

uttering a great yell that fades in the sound of crashing water.

Sharp: walks up, "I am sorry, I didn't believe you before... it seems that Gimacian and the creatures WERE real... at least we've

seen the last of them now, have we not?"

Charge: "I wish... that guy always seems to come right back..."

Sharp: panicked a bit, "Well, you have the rings right?!"

Surge: holds them out, "Yeah, we got them."

Sharp: sighs with relief, "Thank goodness ... Just to make sure no one ever abuses their power again, may I bear the duty of

guarding them, along with the scepter?"

Neon: after a moment's thought, "Sure. We wouldn't mind. After all, you seemed pretty strong according to what Surge told

me about your fight with him when we were back at that underground temple."

Sharp: begins to chuckle a bit, "Hahaha, yes. I'm sorry about that. You must understand, it was only to guard the rings."

Sharp gets the rings, and immediately, his laughing starts to turn louder and darker.


Sharp starts transfroming into a super-powered version of himself, and he is surrounded by a shroud of darkness.

Sharp: "You fools actually thought I was GUARDING THE SCEPTER?! I was waiting for that fool, Gimacian, to get the 8

dimensional rings! I can't believe he actually managed to find them after 1,000 years!"

Neon: chimes in, "Technically, he sort of STOLE them from us."

Sharp: laughs even harder, "EVEN BETTER! Say goodbye to your universe, and 'hello' to my glorious new world ... where I


Sharp charges off, with his laughs echoing in the distance and ringing in the trio's ears.

Neon: "Surge! You're the only one fast enough! Hurry! Beat him to the scepter!"

Surge rushes off at full speed even before Neon finishes...

'Dimensional Gate Act 2'

Surge reaches the pedestal only to find out that the scepter is gone.

Surge: "NO! I'm... too late..."


Immediately, Sharp flies up to Surge. He is MUCH more powerful than he was before.

Surge: "YOU! That's it! I won't let you harm anyone else!"

'Demonic Duel: Surge'

Sharp rears back a bit.

Sharp: "You think that merely JUMPING ON TOP OF ME ACTUALLY HURTS ME?!"

Surge: "Um, yeah. It worked on Gimacian."

Sharp: "I'm 15,216 times as powerful as that wimp! Now, the fun begins!"

Surge: "Well, look who aced Math."

Sharp: charges up an attack, "SPINE CANNON!"

A massive burst of spines is sent at Surge. He manages to dodge most of them, but gets knocked out by one in the process.

Sharp: "What? THAT is all it took?! You're even weaker than I thought!"



Sharp: "HAHAHA! Those animals were vital in powering me up! Now, they're just soulless monsters who help me capture




'Demonic Duel: Neon'

Neon gets close to winning, but is KO'd. Sharp's just too powerful. Now, Charge, finally catches up, as he's slower than the


Charge: "Gimacian wasn't HALF the coward you are! You were so scared, you were hiding in ANOTHER DIMENSION! Surge

and Neon might not be able to beat you, but I'm stronger than both of them!"

Sharp: laughs, "You're calling ME a coward? I was merely waiting for the right time to strike. Cowardice is when it's 3 against

1, like it is now. Oh, WAIT! I KO'd your other friends! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Charge: "You will PAY!"

'Demonic Duel: Charge'

Charge was no match for him either. In that super form, Sharp is nearly unstoppable. Now Charge is left weakened and

knocked out. However, Neon manages to wake up right after Charge was KO'd. Neon was apparantly not hit quite as hard as the

other two were. Neon tries to still LOOK Ko'd, and is thinking

Neon: thinks 'Hmmmm.... he's just too powerful! We're all wounded, and now, my ankle is hurting again as well – THAT'S


Neon gets up and flies extremely fast, away from Sharp.


Neon: finds a spring, looks Sharp in the eyes,"SHUT UP!"

Neon jumps into the spring, and immediately he is revitalized, and transformed into Mega Neon! He is glowing with a massive

light aura. He is extremely fast, and manages to get Surge and Charge to the spring in a matter of seconds. He throws them in

there, and THEY become supercharged! Now there is Mega Neon, Super Surge, and Turbo Charge! The three of them laugh at


Super Surge: looks at Sharp, "Man, you are in TROUBLE NOW! HAHAHAHA!"

Turbo Charge: flies up to Mega Neon, "How did you know to do that?!"

Mega Neon: looks at Turbo Charge, "I guessed..."

All Turbo Charge could do was laugh.

Sharp: laughing, "You think that even three super powered animals could beat me with the SCEPTER?! HAHAHAHAHA!"

Super Surge: "Why don't we find out!"

They charge at each other, and the final battle begins!

'Demonic Duel: Final'

Sharp: screaming, "How?! THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! NO!!! I EVEN HAD THE SCEPTER!!!"

The super-powered heroes become normal again.

Surge: "It just shows that evil can never win! Not with guys like us around!"

Charge: panicked as 1000s of monsters appear behind Surge "S-SURGE! THIS ISN'T OVER!"

Neon: looks over at Charge, "Oh yes it is! Look!" points at Sharp.

Sharp starts glowing, and immediately, beams of light pour out of Sharp and hit the monsters, which start reverting back to the

animals they originally were.

Neon: "YES! They're getting revived!!!"

Sharp disappears into oblivion...

Gimacian the Light: "He was made of all the evil and hatred these souls had..."

Surge, Neon & Charge: turn around to see Gimacian, "YOU!"

Gimacian the Light: "I am not under his control any longer. I am Gimacian, the Light. The TRUE Guardian."

Surge: laughs, "Wow. I did NOT see that coming."

Neon: looks at the dimensional rings that Sharp had. They were broken. "Well, at least they can't be used for evil anymore."

Gimacian the Light: looks at Surge, "You are extremely powerful, Surge. I thank you for restoring balance to all the


looks at Neon, "You are exremely brave, Neon. Had it not been for your efforts, your courage to stand up to Sharp, and your

quickthinking, you wouldn't have been able to rescue these two."

looks at Charge, "And you, you have had a MASSIVE change of heart... you had been filled with hatred... but now you are only

filled with bravery and courage, not only to fight against your foes, but also to protect others in need."

Charge: laughs, "Heh! Thanks!"

Gimacian the Light: "Now, the Scepter will be protected forever... without the dimensional rings, it can never do harm again.

Thank you."

The three are taken in a blinding light back to Sunshine Paradise.

Surge: looks at Neon as animals are reappearing everywhere, "Neon?"

Neon: "Yeah, Surge?"

Surge: "I'm glad everything turned out ok in the end ... You really can kick butt! ... Now look, we saved the entire world – no –

UNIVERSE! How cool is that?"

Charge: walks up, "Pretty cool."

Surge: yawns, "Now, we can finally relax a bit."

Neon nods in agreement. All the animals reappeared, and balance was restored.

'Ending Credits'

'The End'

Charge: "Yeah, at least until some other evil maniac rears his ugly head. COWARD!"